BLOG  The Pampered SELF

Be good to "yourself"!  Regular Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, and Hair care services.  may be  viewed by 
some as "pampering"  but we think they are  really important parts of a  healthy lifestyle!  Don't feel guilty about taking time for these services.  

Imagine twice yearly dental visits which enable you to maintain healthy gums and teeth.  These visits are never referred to as  "pampering" because they are a healthy preventative maintenance program for your mouth.  Also, think about your car's routine oil changes.  Are these "luxuries" for  your car?  Of course not.   Oil changes are necessary  for your car's engine health and are proven to extend the life of your car.  Likewise, proper nail care, hair care, and body alignment should be considered a part of your body's  wellness program not just "pampering".  Do you see your massage therapist, hair stylist or nail technician routinely?  

Because massages, manicures, and pedicures are considered luxuries, we frequently skip these services.  Schedule yourself for a service today and our caring  professionals will ensure youl reap the rewards of your new wellness program. You will  feel "pampered" 
during the service  and it will be much more enjoyable than waiting on an oil change or a dentist's visit!