Whether you are a marathon runner seeking 
tension relief after a race or an businessman 
seeking nail grooming, we have many services 
tailored to suite your needs.

Our Hair Stylists offer the latest in Men's Fashion 
Cuts which include shampooing. They work by appointment so there is no waiting in line.  Some Stylists also accept  walk-ins.

Massage Therapy offers relief from tension 
headaches and muscle spasms as well as 
sports injuries or muscle overuse.

Our nail technician offers hand/foot care which improves health and grooming in a private setting.

Facials deeply cleanse your skin of the daily toxins 
and sweat in pores.  Don't forget your skin is your body's largest organ. Some of our services are as follows:

Men's Shampoo & Modern cut         $20 & Up
Grooming Manicure & Pedicure     $45
40 Min. Infrared Sauna Session       $40
30 Min. Targeted Sports Massage   $65
60 Min. Therapeutic Massage          $90
30 Min. Cleansing Facial                   $50
Back Facial                                            $65
Facial Waxing                                       $10 each area
Body Waxing                                         $25 & up

We are able to accommodate all hectic schedules.  Please call for more information.